Cayle Chernin Awards



The Fifth Annual Cayle Chernin Awards
Celebration May 5, 2016

The Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund and Equity Showcase Theatre are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Cayle Chernin Awards.

The recipient of the Cayle Chernin Award in Media Arts is Jani Lauzon for her short film Just One Word. A Metis lawyer attempts to reconcile with her half-sister using an old favourite board game and great cupcakes. Her sister brings scotch and beer. Reconciliation? Or another damn reason to get drunk.

The Cayle Chernin Award in Theatre went to Andrea Scott for her play about Mata Hari, Don’t Talk to Me Like I’m Your Wife. Scheduled to debut at SummerWorks, Scott describes the dramaas being alternately about slut shaming, cultural appropriation, racism and differing opinions on what it means to be a feminist.

The awards celebration was ably hosted by the duo David Gale and Randy Vancourt (Oy to the World) at The Heliconian Hall in Toronto tonight.

Meet the 2016 finalists!

The CCAs are made possible by the generous support of its sponsors: AFBS, ACTRA Toronto, Bains Partners LLP, W.H. White, Cindy Tanas, Double Chocolate Fountains, and MHLD Prod. Inc.

The CCAs are awarded to emerging or transitioning female artists in their creation, development or production of a new work:

  • The Cayle Chernin Award in Media Arts is a $1000 cash prize plus in-kind equipment from William F. White.
  • The Cayle Chernin Award in Theatre is a $1000 cash prize plus in-kind rehearsal space from Cindy Tanas Actors Studio

The Cayle Chernin Awards were established in 2012 to honour the life and work of actor, documentary filmmaker, writer, teacher and mentor Cayle Chernin (1947 – 2011).

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Cayle Chernin, Toronto 2005.