Cayle Chernin Awards


The Equity Showcase Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund is proud to announce the Winners of the eighth annual Cayle Chernin Awards.

Theatre: Production
Jenna Harris
Revolt She Said, Revolt Again
A bawdy, ferocious, and galvanizing call to action for a new feminism, one that redefines the way we think about womanhood in the 21st century.
Theatre: Development
Tracy Hoyt
Hospital Hotel
Hospital Hotel is a darkly comic play about how trauma rewrites our sense of home, family and safety.
Media Arts: Production
Sonia Gemmiti
Outside My Window
An agoraphobic’s battle to step outside her apartment—the camera is her dance partner as she cycles through a familiar routine, with moments of determination quickly undone by pervasive anxiety.
Media Arts: Development
Helen Juvonen
You’re Never Alone
You’re Never Alone is a dark comedy about a young widow who is forced to deal with overbearing in-laws when her husband dies suddenly, and his family decides she shouldn’t be alone during this time of sadness.
Huge thank yous and all the best to our outstanding 2019 finalists:
  • Natalie Liconti
  • Lauren Greenwood
  • Clair Burns
  • Jennifer Wigmore
  • Perri Voss & Heidi Lynch
  • Rahda S. Menon
  • Laura Ann Harris
  • Rebecca Applebaum

Meet the 2019 Finalists!

The Woman of the Year Cayle Award goes to… JAYNE EASTWOOD

The Equity Showcase Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund, is proud to announce the finalists for the 8th annual Cayle Chernin Awards.

Meet the 2019 Finalists!

Applications for the 8th Annual Cayle Chernin Awards are now closed. Thank you all for your interest and excellent submissions.

Finalists will be announced May 1, 2019

An Evening of Recognition, Music and Celebration of Women in the Arts

will be held at The Heliconian Hall, Yorkville, May 15, 2019.

  • Hosted by the inimitable David Gale and ACTRA Toronto President/Songbird/actress Teresa Tova
  • Randy Vancourt on the ivories
  • Woman of the Year Presentation to Jayne Eastwood!

Click here to apply

Note: Applications close Friday March 29, 2019

Equity Showcase and The Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund are excited to announce the return of Four Cayle Awards in 2019:

  • Media Arts: Production
  • Media Arts: Development.
  • Theatre: Production
  • Theatre: Development.

Each Production award comprises:


  • $2000.00 Cash Prize
  • Access to a respected paid Industry Mentor through CSARN (Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network – including $1,500 in approved expenses incurred by the artist during the mentorship.
  • In-Kind Services:
    Media Arts: Dazmo Camera $2500.00 Certificate
    William F. White: $2500.00 Equipment Certificate
  • Theatre: Rehearsal Space, TBD.

Each Development award comprises:

  • $1000.00 Cash Prize
  • Access to a respected paid Industry Mentor through CSARN (Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network – including $1,500 in approved expenses incurred by the artist during the mentorship.
The CCAs are made possible by the generous support of its sponsors: AFBS, CSARN, ACTRA Toronto, Bains Partners LLP, William F. White International Inc., Double Chocolate Fountains, and MHLD Prod. Inc.
Established in 2012 to honour the life and work of actor, documentary filmmaker, writer, teacher and mentor Cayle Chernin (1947 – 2011). The Cayle Chernin Awards are presented to emerging or discipline transitioning female artists to assist in the creation of a new work. The Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund are very proud of past recipients Collette Micks (M), Susanna Fournier (T), Fenulla Jiwani (M), Melissa D’Agostino (M), Audrey Dwyer (T), Jani Lauzon (M), Andrea Scott (T), Jillian Rees-Brown (M), Ronit Rubenstein (T), Ruth Goodwin (T), Annie Bradley (M), Briana Brown (T), Shannon Fewster (M).

About Cayle Chernin

Cayle Chernin’s career spanned four decades in film and on stage, developing new works and encouraging young artists. Her professional journey began co-starring in Don Shebib’s 1969 classic film Goin’ Down the Road and came to a close with Mr. Shebib’s acclaimed sequel Down The Road Again. An overview of her career can be accessed at
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Cayle Chernin, Toronto 2005.