Cayle Chernin Awards



The Sixth Annual Cayle Chernin Awards

The Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund and Equity Showcase Theatre are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Cayle Chernin Awards.

  • The recipient of the Cayle Chernin Award in Media Arts: Production is Annie Bradley for her short film Blowback. Dead set on getting ahead by any means necessary, Constable Jo Bellamy is headed off the rails trying to be one of the boys. When a twisted fellow detective refuses to let go of their sexual past, she humiliates him in front of their peers, unaware of the deadly game she has set in motion.
  • The Cayle Chernin Award in Media Arts: Development was presented to Jillian Rees-Brown for her feature film Living Memory, the story of Demasduit, a Beothuk woman, stolen from her people in 1818 and left husband-less and child-less. Before succumbing to tuberculosis during a journey to reunite her with the vanishing Beothuk in 1819, Demasduit’s brief friendship with a care-giver ensures the survival of some of the Beothuk’s language and stories.
  • The Cayle Chernin Award in Theatre: Production went to Ruth Goodwin for the play Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons by Sam Steiner. A young couple struggles to communicate after the government introduces a draconian law limiting the amount of words one can speak in a day. Relevant in the current political climate, the play speaks to wider issues of democracy, free speech and oppression in the aftermath of a huge absurdist political event.
  • Receiving the Cayle Chernin award in Theatre: Development is Ronit Rubinstein for her play, Bad. Bible. Bitches. Reimagined as modern-day reality TV stars, Biblical queens Vashti and Jezebel are determined to set the record straight. Recounting their roles in the events of the Book of Esther and I Kings with humour, strength and righteous female rage, we’re left to consider who has been telling women’s stories, what power lies in the narrative, and what we owe the subjects of our myths.

Meet the 2017 finalists!

The sixth annual awards celebration was ably hosted by the charming David Gale and Fargo star Linda Kash with Randy Vancourt (Oy to the World) on the piano at The Heliconian Hall in Yorkville this evening.

The Cayle Chernin Awards are made possible with the generous support of AFBS, ACTRA Toronto, Bains Partners LLP, Double Chocolate Fountains and Fun Foods, MHLD Productions, Equity Showcase and The Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund.

  • MEDIA ARTS: PRODUCTION is a $2500.00 Cash Prize, $2,000 in-kind services from William F. White, access to a respected paid Industry Mentor through CSARN, (Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network).
    Finalists: Annie Bradley/Blowback | Sarah Slywchuk/The Music Upstairs | Rachel Cairns/Mom & Me
  • MEDIA ARTS: DEVELOPMENT is a $1000.00 Cash Prize plus access to a respected paid industry mentor through CSARN.
    Finalists: Jillian Rees-Brown/Living Memory | Camille Hollett-French/Her Story | Chala Hunter/Beaver
  • THEATRE: PRODUCTION is a $2500.00 Cash Prize plus access to a respected paid Industry Mentor through CSARN. In kind TBD.
    Finalists: Ruth Goodwin/Lemon, Lemon, Lemon, Lemon | Rebecca Applebaum/Reality Theatre | Wendy Lands/What The World Needs Now.
  • THEATRE: DEVELOPMENT is a $1000.00 Cash Prize plus access to a respected paid industry mentor through CSARN.
    Finalists: Ronit Rubinstein/Bad. Bible. Bitches | Sarena Parmar/Between | Zoe Erwin-Longstaff/Pyramid Shaped Marble Attachments

Past recipients of the CCAs are Collette Micks (M), Susanna Fournier (T), Fenulla Jiwani (M), Melissa D’Agostino (M), Audrey Dwyer (T), Jani Lauzon (M) and Andrea Scott (T).

The CCAs are made possible by the generous support of its sponsors: AFBS, CSARN, ACTRA Toronto, Bains Partners LLP, William F. White International Inc., Double Chocolate Fountains, and MHLD Prod. Inc

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