2015 Recipients

2013 Finalists


Audrey Dwyer – Theatre: Calpurnia

In Calpurnia, a young Jamaican-Canadian writer named Julie Gordon is adapting Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird into a screenplay – from the perspective of Calpurnia, the housekeeper. She takes her research to extreme levels – confronting her family, her best friend and their guest on their classism, racism and privilege. She discovers who she is and how her values line up against her wealthy Canadian upbringing.

Melissa D’Agostino – Media: The Female Front

When Stella’s life is destroyed by Blair, a con-man she thought was her boyfriend, she is forced to move back in with her parents, only to discover that her Mother’s sausage company is actually a front for a vigilante mob she leads in the neighbourhood. When her mother tracks Blair down for some good, old-fashioned mob revenge, Stella is forced to navigate the thin line between justice and vengeance by deciding how far is too far?


Christine Brubaker & Erin Brubacher: 7th Cousin (Performance Walk)

7th Cousins is a theatrical investigation of how we got here through time, migration and belief. The upcoming phase of this project is a retracing, BY FOOT, of the immigration journey our ancestors travelled from Pennsylvania to Ontario. The route winds through rural Pennsylvania, upstate New York, crossing at the Niagara River and into Southern Ontario. In July 2015, we will walk the 626 km distance staying with Mennonite families en route.

PJ Prudat: The Women In My House (Play)

The Women in My House is a response to my own personal and familial experience of the ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ process for Residential School Survivors. This play is at heart, inspired by historic and personal stories of men, women and their children and ultimately the unraveling of our collective ‘Canadian’ history, telling of the impact of intergenerational stories of Indigenous and European families, from the fur-trade era and on into the 21st century. It is from this perspective we watch the unravelings of one woman with her ‘daughter’ in one house.

Christine Buijs: Divorce Photographer (Short Film)

Divorce Photographer is a comedy that explores the flip side of marriage, the pressures exerted on women to be in a relationship, and the decision to find happiness in your own way.

Samantha Lawrence: It’s Where We Live (Documentary)

The arrival of our first child puts eco-conscious Southern Ontario newlyweds Samantha and Michael Lawrence on the fast track to learning how to build their own environmentally sustainable house so they can provide a real, low-impact, lasting home for their budding family.