2016 Finalists

2013 Finalists

Recipient: Theatre (Production)

Andrea Scott – Theatre: Don’t Talk To Me Like I’m Your Wife

Don’t Talk to Me Like I’m Your Wife is a play set in 1917 and 2016 about the last 12 hours of alleged spy Mata Hari’s life before she was executed by the French for espionage. We see Mata Hari 12 hours before her execution and then jump to a lecture room in a university where a professor deconstructs the myth of the notorious alleged WW1 spy while sparring with a student who refuses to accept his opinion of the woman. Alternately about slut shaming, cultural appropriation, racism and differing opinions on what it means to be a feminist, Don’t Talk to Me Like I’m Your Wife leaves you with more questions than answers.

Andrea Scott is a professional playwright & producer who after completing a year in the Obsidian Theatre Playwright Unit saw her play Eating Pomegranates Naked accepted into SummerWorks where it won the RBC Arts Professional award, named Best Ensemble, and Outstanding Production. She was commissioned by Mixed Company Theatre to write Frenemies, a TYA play which toured in 2014 shortly thereafter. Her playBetter Angels: A Parable won the SummerWorks award for Production in August 2015 and was recognized as Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Direction (Nigel Shawn Williams) and Outstanding Production by NOW Magazine. Better Angels: A Parable had its US debut at the Athena Festival in Chicago in December 2015. Her second TYA play, Princesses Don’t Grow on Trees, debuted in April debuted at Solar Stage in April and she is currently in the Natural Resources Playwright’s Unit at Factory Theatre working on new play, ‘All Most Be Longing’. Andrea is a CAEA, ACTRA, PGC, DGA member who recently graduated from the inaugural Artist Producer Training Program run by STAF/Theatre Ontario.

email: andreammscott@hotmail.com
Web: www.callmescottyproductions.com
Twitter: Call Me Scotty@andreammscott


Erin Brandenberg: The Great Lakes Project: Lake Erie (Multi-disciplinary)

The Great Lakes Project – Lake Erie is a theatrical exploration of a body of water and geographic landscape through text, music, movement, sound and images. Part documentary, part personal narrative, it is an attempt to connect with a body of water and its human geography. This project is an ambitious examination of the geography, political and environmental forces that are shaping the future of this body of water and the people that live on it. It is also a personal story of a woman on a long distance swim pushing herself to her physical and emotional limits while confronting her deepest fears and desires. How do you tell the story of a lake? How to capture the idea of a part of the history of an ever-changing landscape? This project is also an attempt to document my own memories of this place and understand this body of water on a personal level.

Erin Brandenburg is a theatre artist, director and playwright from Essex County, Ontario. She works with a collective of artists based in Toronto under the name Kitchenband. Kitchenband creates multidisciplinary performance projects about forgotten things, usually inspired byCanadian history and landscape. Kitchenband was a company in residence at the TheatreCentre from 2010-2012, where they created the critically acclaimed BOBLO (Dora nomination -best production, best ensemble, scenic design, Dora Award – Sound Design, Lighting Design)Her directing credits include Blood Wedding (Soulpepper), Route 66 (Soulpepper Concert),Spoon River (Soulpepper Workshop – Global Cabaret Festival), Everything I Couldn’t Tell You(Spiderbones), This Will Lead To Dancing (Theatre of the Beat), Deceitful Above All Things (SummerWorks – Best Production, Best Director – NOWMagazine), Petrichor (SummerWorks, HATCH- emerging performance projects Harbourfront), Detroit Time Machine (Rhubarb Festival, Nuit Blanche North), Kitchenband Hootenanny (Harbourkids) and Kitchenband-Drive (Nuit Blanche North). As a playwright her credits include Reesor (Next Stage Festival, Best of the Fringe, New Harvest Festival)and Pelee (SummerWorks) – both of which were written with Lauren Taylor,and Petrichor (SummerWorks, HATCH) and BOBLO (Theatre Centre). She is a winner of the Enbridge Emerging Playwrights Award (ATP) and a graduate of the directing program at the Soulpepper Academy.

email: eebrasnde@gmail.com
Web: www.kitchenband.org
Twitter: @eebrande

Jessica Moss: Cam Baby

Matabang and Joseph secretly web-cam girls who rent a room in Joseph’s apartment, and share the footage with the Brobonic Union, their secret society of friends. Joseph’s having moral misgivings, but can’t bring himself to possibly lose the friendship of Matabang. When he rents a room to Clara, who fails to live up to their beauty standards, the operation is in jeopardy: until Clara starts dating Tim and suddenly everyone wants to watch. Touching on issues of privacy, consent, identity, lookism, and the value of women, ‘Cam Baby’ is a fast-paced ensemble comedy about the selves we create and the stories we watch

Jessica Moss is an actor, playwright, and producer from Toronto, Canada. She is the creator/performer of solo shows Modern Love (Next Stage Festival, Toronto), and Polly Polly (Toronto/Edmonton Fringe; Patron’s Pick, Best of Fringe, Ed Mirvish Award for Entrepreneurship). Her full-length plays include Next to Him (RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwrights Contest Shortlist, Second Prize in Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition, Finalist for Tangent Theatre Tivoli’s NEWvember and SafeWord’s Playwriting Contest), I Will Miss You When You’re Gone, Cam Baby (Toronto Fringe New Play Contest Winner, 2016), Stand Up, and A GirlLives Alone. As an actor, Jessica has appeared with the National Arts Centre, Tarragon Theatre, Necessary Angel/LuminaTO Festival, SummerWorks, Sudbury Theatre Centre, Young People’s Theatre, and many times at the Toronto Fringe. She regularly produces work with her company,Theatre Mischief, and will be producing Cam Baby as part of the 2016 Toronto Fringe. Jessica currently lives in New York, and is a Lila Acheson Wallace Playwriting fellow at Juilliard.

email: Jessie.moss@gmail.com
Twitter: @jessiemercury

Recipient: Media Arts (Production)

Jani Lauzon: Just One Word (Short Film)

Kim Morin is a successful Metis lawyer surrounded by luxury and Contemporary Native Art. Inner peace? Not so much. Kim longs for the wrongs in her community and her family to be reconciled. When she finally tracks down her half-sister Asha (scarred from years of foster care, carrying bundles of abandonment issues and drinking like a fish), Kim brings out the old Just One Word board game she loved as a child and makes her “to die for” cupcakes. Kim’s plan is an intervention for Asha with the support of her BFF’s. But Kim and Asha’s idea of a party are as far apart as the upbringing they both experienced. When Asha arrives for the party with a personal supply of scotch and beer chasers, Kim’s vision of a smooth intervention unravel. Turns out Asha is not the only one who has issues that need healing and not even a board game and cupcakes may be enough to help reconcile generations of pain.

Jani Lauzon is a Metis multidisciplinary actor/filmmaker/musician. She is a four time Dora Mavor Moore nominated actress, a three time Juno nominated singer/songwriter, a Gemini Award winning puppeteer and an award winning screen actress. Television guest appearances include: Saving Hope, Hard Rock Medical, Destiny Ridge and Conspiracy of Silence. Her first short film “eu·tha·na·sia” continues to screen at festivals and her three independent recordings, Blue Voice/New Voice, Thirst and Mixed Blessings are available at www.indiepool.com. In 2010 she created Paper Canoe Projects to support the development and production of her theatre and film work. Along with her upcoming short film “Just One Word” she has three theatre projects in various stages of development: A Side of Dreams (on tour Summer 2016), Prophecy Fog (at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival June 2016) and I Call myself Princess (slated for production in March 2018). Jani has also been a strong advocate for inclusivity of cultural and physically diverse artists on Canadian screens.

email: jani@janilauzon.com or info@papercanoeprojects.com
Website: www.janilauzon.com, www.papercanoeprojects.com

Sarah Kolasky: Great Great Great (Feature Film)

In the span of their three-year relationship, Lauren and Tom have never had a fight. Their sex life is fine. They get along fine. Everything is fine. At least it seems that way, until Lauren’s parents announce their divorce. Suddenly, Lauren’s whole life seems uncertain. She can’t shake the idea that a better version of herself is waiting right around the corner, if she can just find a way to get there. In a scattershot attempt to live a fuller life, Lauren simultaneously starts an affair with her boss, rents a new apartment, and asks Tom to marry her. When Lauren’s conflicted parallel lives ultimately come crashing into one another, Lauren and Tom must face the question: what do we really want? After the dust settles, the most heart-wrenching thing for both of them could be the decision to move forward together, uncertain.

Sarah Kolasky is an actor and producer from Toronto, Canada. She is currently in post-production on her first feature film, Great Great Great, in which she stars, and co-produced/co-wrote with her long-time collaborator, Adam Garnet Jones. She also produced and acted in the short film, LIAR, which premiered at the prestigious 2012 South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX. She attended the festival and ate more BBQ in ten days than she could have ever imagined. Other producing credits include the short films A Small Thing (TIFF ’08) and Cloudbreaker (TIFF ’06). Sarah is also the Chair of the Breakthroughs Film Festival, the only festival in Canada dedicated to showcasing short films by young women from across the world. She received a BFA in Film Studies from Ryerson University, and is one half of the comedy duo Ex-Adults.

email: s.kolasky@gmail.com
Web: www.greatgreatgreatmovie.com
Twitter: @sarah_kolasky

Heidi Lynch & Perrie Olthuis: Bi & By (Web series)

Bi & By is a seven episode web series. We are dropped into the middle of two dynamic women’s lives as they wrestle with the confusion of having to choose. We meet Molly, who is trying to understand what it means to be bisexual, and El, who stands on the precipice of a familial divide. Together, these best friends endeavour to find their truth. Dating, jobs, family, dreams, men, women… women, men, idiots and hats… or is it cats?… Following these two intrepid, passionate, and often hilarious women, we learn that while Molly can’t choose between men or women, being torn between two paths is not unique to her situation and maybe we should have been looking closer at El’s story all along. What choices do we have to make for love, and with whom, to come back to being whole? A coming out comedy…or not.

Heidi Lynch (Molly) is an actor/composer. After finishing a B.F.A. in Acting from the University of Windsor she dug in deep to the theatre world. This included creating her own work in Switzerland and studying and working in the U.K. She is thoroughly enjoying working in Theatre around Ontario and can be seen in Theatre Orangeville’s current production of ” Stag and Doe” by Mark Crawford. Working in Film and T.V. has been a recent transition for Heidi in the past two years. After joining ACTRA and gaining more experience in the field including composing for film, Heidi really wanted to create her own content. She was only lacking a story and some teammates. In a fortunate twist of fate an actor named Perrie Olthuis landed on her doorstep moments after a family tragedy and a forever friendship was born. Heidi is so excited to pursue this shared dream and grateful for the opportunity to share this idea with the amazing film/t.v. community in Toronto.

Perrie Olthuis (Ell) is an actor and visual artist. Growing up in Toronto, Perrie graduated with honours from George Brown Theatre School and immediately immersed herself in the theatre world of Toronto, surrounding cities, and as far east as New Brunswick. Over the last several years Perrie has had the privilege, of working on multiple new scripts, short films, and world premieres in theatre. Equal parts funny-bone and heart, Perrie is diving in to be able to flex her own writing muscle, which has been a longtime passion. Having dragged her friends around as a child to make films for her idea of playtime (…maybe not theirs) , her vision for creation has finally been given the best partner in crime she could ask for in the indomitable Heidi Lynch. A convergence of life changing moments in many ways forged a strong partnership and deep friendship, and a ridiculous amount laughter. This wonderful opportunity, which is the culmination of an ongoing pull to collect all of her artistic talents within the world of film, Perrie is so excited to be able to use her love of acting and writing alongside her art/photographic sensibility to create something truly unique and special within the
film/tv community.

email: heidilynch22@gmail.com
Web: www.imdb.com/name/nm5631077