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Cayle Vivian Chernin was born Dec. 4, 1947 in Glace Bay N.S. to dentist Sol Chernin and homemaker Beryl Chernin. The eldest of four daughters, her family moved via Stephenville Nfld. to Toronto when Cayle was twelve. Sister Franky recounts, “we would go to visit our grandparents in Cape Breton and we’d create shows and perform for them.” Creation, performance, determination and a love for story telling is the river that runs through Cayle Chernin’s life.
Starting with a supporting role in the seminal Canadian 1970 film Goin’ Down The Road, Cayle’s career spanned more than four decades. Whether acting, writing, producing, or developing new works for film or the theatre, Cayle was known and loved for her generosity, talent, imagination, resilience and a breathtaking smile that launched many projects. Although never formally trained, Cayle was a life long learner. She was independent and tenacious, following the code of most Canadian artists: if necessary, do it yourself. And she did it! Working in almost every area of the industry Cayle accumulated credits, awards, accolades and the reputation of being a “go to” person in the performing arts community.

Cayle was committed to her community and volunteering and was elected to the ACTRA Toronto union council where she co-chaired the Toronto ACTRA Women’s Committee (TAWC.) She also served on the board of the new Equity Showcase Theatre. Cayle was especially valued for her fierce commitment to women’s issues in the arts and to mentoring and nurturing talented young artists.

Nothing came easy to Cayle but she had a joie de vivre and a fearless love of people and her art. On the performing arts Cayle said: “Characters are human beings and the true expression of believable and ILLUMINATING behaviour has always been the reason for my commitment to acting, the stage, film, indeed to life on earth”.

The final chapter of Cayle’s career was acting in the film Down The Road Again, the sequel to Goin’ Down The Road. Like so much of her work, it was Cayle’s dogged persistence and unparalleled tenacity that brought Back Down The Road to the screen. Cayle had a few simple objectives: love your fellow artist, learn from your process and life experiences and against all odds, do it!

Visit caylechernin.com for a comprehensive overview of Ms. Chernin’s career; demo’s and writings from acting to documentaries, awards and prizes in her many incarnations. A brief overview:

60’s/70’s: Actor/writer: Studied at the Eli Rill Studio on Yonge St. “above the Le Strip Burlesque Club, a hop and skip to the Bohemian Club,” learning her craft with Art Hindle, Michael Hollingsworth, John Candy, Doug McGrath, Jane Eastwood and many more. Starred in Going Down The Road, Tracks, Love in a Four Letter World and wrote The Bedside Alice: a novel;adapted Anais Nin’s erotic novel Cities of The Interior for Rainbow Pictures: life changing experience with Ms. Nin: “if you want to work on your art, work on yourself.”

80’s: Writer/teacher/children’s TV and Documentary producer: Bonk Sells Out, The Party’s Over, Return to Life, Aging in Institutions, Chopin Concert, The Odd Couple.

90’s: Actor/doc. filmmaker/writer/producer/mentor: In The Shadows: The Tragedy of The Syrian Jews, I Am Home, The Man Who Couldn’t lose, A Man Of Conscience, Friday’s Curse, The Jewish Wife.

00’s to 2011: Actor/writer/producer/mentor: Studied with Michael Margotta in Italy & Richard Rose in Toronto; Not A Fish Story, Car Lady and Bike Girl, Fear of Flying, Collected Stories, The Blood of a Coward, Mephisto, Bingo Babes, Caresses, Tea with Mother, MOWs, episodics, commercials, and Down The Road Again.

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