The Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund is administered by Equity Showcase Theatre. EST is one of Canada’s longest running not for profit arts organization, founded in 1960 by Charmion King. Gordon Pinsent is the Honorary Chair. EST through its board of Directors and Artistic Director offer financial management, administration and visioning to the CCMF and issue charitable receipts to corporate and business sponsors and private donors. Cayle Chernin believed in the mandate of EST and was an outstanding member of the EST Board of Directors from 2008 to 2011.

The CCMF is a Committee of the Board of Equity Showcase Theatre. Its various initiatives are governed by its own committee of directors, which includes:

  • Dwight McFee: Founder CCMF & CCAs
  • Lisa Baylin: Co-Chair CCMF
  • Genna Du Plessis: Co-Chair
  • Kevin McCormick: Director of Finances and Corporate/Patron Donations
  • David Gale: Director of Communications
  • Jeff Saunders: Director of Events
  • Alexa Carol: Director of Education and Secretary
  • Collette Micks, Susanna Fournier, Fenulla Jiwani, Melissa D’Agostino, Audrey Dwyer, Jani Lauzon, Andrea Scott:
    Past Recipients

Honorary Advisors

The CCMF Honorary Advisors include high profile individuals from the arts and business world offering advice, guidance and visioning for the Fund:

  • Wendy Crewson
  • Jayne Eastwood
  • Tara Parker
  • Dr. Charles Hayter

The annual Cayle Chernin Awards selection committees consist of high-profile and talented juries of professional artists and arts management leaders. Past jury members include:

  • Gail Harvey, Film Director
  • Teresa Tova, Performer, ACTRA VP Finance
  • Kyra Harper, Performer and Dora Winner
  • Marsha Chesley, Marsha Chesley Casting
  • Kirsten Bishopric (1963 to 2013), Performer, Mentor, Activist
  • David Gale, Performer, ACTRA VP Communications
  • Chris Owen, Performer and Monday Night Force.
  • Janet-Laine Green, Performer, teacher.
  • Rosemary Dunsmore, Performer, Director, Mentor
  • Marcia Johnson, Playwright, Actress
  • Heather Allin, Performer, ACTRA President
  • Nicole St Martin, Performer, Activist.
  • Norma Dell’Agnese, Performer, Activist.
  • Shira Leuchter, Director, Performer.
  • Allegra Fulton, Performer.
  • Farah Merani, Performer, Writer, Director.
  • Laurel Paetz, Performer, Voice Teacher.
  • Rosemary Doyle, Performer, Proprietor Redsandcastle Theatre
  • Claire Sakaki, Managing Director, Bard on the Beach
  • Rosa Laborde, Performer, Director, Writer
  • Laura Pearlmutter, Producer, Filmmaker
  • *Collette Micks
  • *Susanna Fournier
  • *Fenulla Jiwani
  • *Audrey Dwyer
  • *Melissa D’Agostino
  • *Andrea Scott
  • *Jani Lauzon
  • *Ronit Rubinstein
  • *Jillian Rees-Brown
  • *Annie Bradley
  • *Briana Brown
  • *Shannon Fewster

*Recipients sit on following year discipline’s Committee