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THE CAYLE CHERNIN MEMORIAL FUND was founded in April 2011 by actor/husband Dwight McFee, colleagues, friends and family to honour Cayle Chernin’s career long dedication to the life of the artist and to further discussion of challenges and issues for women in the performing arts. The CAYLE CHERNIN MEMORIAL FUND continues to grow through fundraising initiatives; salons, forums, conferences, special events, and educational opportunities that foster a sense of community and artist/audience enrichment.



Established in 2012 to honour the life and work of actor, documentary filmmaker, writer, teacher and mentor Cayle Chernin (1947 – 2011). The Cayle Chernin Awards are presented to emerging or discipline transitioning female artists to assist in the creation of a new work. The Cayle Chernin Memorial Fund are very proud of past recipients Collette Micks (M), Susanna Fournier (T), Fenulla Jiwani (M), Melissa D’Agostino (M), Audrey Dwyer (T), Jani Lauzon (M), Andrea Scott (T), Jillian Rees-Brown (M), Ronit Rubenstein (T), Ruth Goodwin (T), Annie Bradley (M), Briana Brown (T), Shannon Fewster (M).

About Cayle Chernin

Cayle Chernin’s career spanned four decades in film and on stage, developing new works and encouraging young artists. Her professional journey began co-starring in Don Shebib’s 1969 classic film Goin’ Down the Road and came to a close with Mr. Shebib’s acclaimed sequel Down The Road Again. An overview of her career can be accessed at
We are at a frontier of new connection to our audiences, marketing and distribution. New ideas, new ways and opportunities to make it happen… and we are ready.
Cayle Chernin, Toronto 2005.

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