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Fenulla Jiwani

Fenulla Jiwani is an award winning actress, screenwriter, playwright, producer & singer/songwriter. From humble beginnings her parents immigrated to Canada from Uganda with just pennies in their pockets in hopes for a better life. Fenulla was born in Toronto and her passion and desire for the performing arts began with her first performance at the age of five in a ballet recital. She trained at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts and graduated in 2004. Since graduating, Fenulla launched FenStar Productions to create compelling stories that touch the human spirit, expressed through multidisciplinary mediums, and cast ethnically diverse performers. Fenulla has written and performed in six of her stage productions “Light of India,” “Bollywood Bonanza,” “The Source,” “Qalam-e Ishq (Pen of Love),” “30 Dates” and “Paul and Priya’s Wedding.” Her critically acclaimed production, “30 Dates,” toured Canada for two years performing at renowned theatres and earned her accolades in major magazines, newspapers & television. Fenulla is also a passionate singer/songwriter; in 2012, she released an 18-track album, entitled “Divinity We Are One” with performances in Canada, USA & India. In September 2014, she celebrated the 10 year Anniversary of FenStar Productions with the launch of her two films, ‘NOBODY’ and ‘BLACKBOX SHADOW,’ which have since had their World Premieres in Toronto, India, UK, and Indonesia and are slated for other festivals around the globe. NOBODY film has won several awards, recently receiving the honour of Best Overall Film at the 2014 International Film Festival for Spirituality/Religion/Visionary in Jakarta Indonesia.

Fenulla was humbled to be the recipient of the 2014 Cayle Chernin Award. After receiving the award and the equipment grant from Whites Interactive, she teamed up with the award-winning Director of Film and Television, Gail Harvey, for her third short entitled ‘ECLIPSE’ which was filmed in fall 2014. All three films are inspired by themes of self-discovery, search for true peace, happiness and the power of love.
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Kimberly-Sue Murray: Werewoman

Patrick, your typical guy’s guy, finds himself the unlikely candidate living in a women’s commune. One night Patrick experiences a series of strange symptoms: bleeding, cramps, and sensitive pecs. What the…? www.kimberlysuemurray.com

Kristina Esposito: Captive Love

For years Sonia has been writing letters to Darren, a man in jail for accessory to kidnapping. Sonia was one of the hostages. Now, upon Darren’s release, Sonia makes the decision to have dinner with him… kemeproductions.com | Captive Love on Indiegogo

Nicole St. Martin: Monday Night Shakespeare

Monday Night Shakespeare explores the entangled relationships amidst a diverse community of actors who gather weekly to perform rehearsed Shakespearean scenes.