Susanna Fournier (2013 Award Winner)

Susanna Fournier

“The Cayle Chernin Award was the first prize I’d ever won as an artist, and the first acclaim The Empire Trilogy received. The award gave me the confidence to keep working on realizing this ambitious project, which, 5 years later, is now onstage and involves over a hundred local artists.”


Andrea Scott (2016 Award Winner)

“I look at my beautiful award on my mantle every day and it reminds me that even when I went through some personal and professional struggles that year, there would always be something to look forward to as a playwright… The Cayle Chernin Award allows us to believe in our work and talent.”


Briana Brown (2018 Award Winner)

“The impact this award had not only on the production but on my future work as an artist, cannot be overstated. Not only would we have been unable to realize my vision for the production so fully, but the mentorship I’m currently receiving through CSARN is an ongoing light and affirmation in my creative life”


Guy Maddin (2019 Mentor)

“I had a wondrous experience as a mentor for Sonia Gemmiti. Our time working together taught us both a lot – we learned so much from each other. And leading by example she inspired me to be more patient, better organized and harder working. This is a fantastic, invaluable, galvanizing award, for practically everyone involved.”


Penny Eizenga (2019 Mentor)

“Participating in the Cayle Chernin mentoring program was a delightful experience. Helen Juvonen is a smart, driven, talented writer, actor, director and the time we spent together was a pleasure. It was an honour being her cheerleader and witnessing her work come to life. If I played a small part in championing her project, then I am thrilled”


Sonia Gemmiti (2019 Award Winner)

“The Cayle Chernin Awards were the first to show confidence in my initial directorial effort. It has had a ripple effect on this new artistic journey; with their support I was able to approach top talent as collaborators and secure additional funding. The mentorship through CSARN has been invaluable, providing me with a top-level film education with one of Canada’s preeminent auteurs.”